Shrub & Tree Trimming

Big Tex Pro Landscape is committed to keeping Fort Worth yards looking beautiful. That includes taking great care of your shrubs and trees. We provide trimming and pruning services to both commercial and residential lawns.

shrub trimming

Tree Trimming

Well-timed pruning is essential to keeping your trees healthy, safe, and attractive. Top reasons to get your trees professionally trimmed:

  • Remove dead/ailing limbs that are zapping water and nutrients from the healthy parts of the plant
  • Prevent diseases and parasites from spreading to trunk and other branches
  • Avoid safety hazards from damaged limbs falling on to property 
  • Clear obstructed views caused by overgrown branches

Shrub and Hedge Trimming

A manicured row of shrubs makes any lawn look polished and well cared for. Top reasons to keep your shrubs pruned:

  • Keeps your yard looking pristine
  • Keeps dead or damaged limbs from compromising the plants’ health
  • Keeps the surrounding area free of debris buildup